Monday, 2 January 2012

2/1/2012 New year - A new and BETTER you!

This will be quite a long post, so bear with me. So its been a great holiday, Christmas and New Year and I have binged a lot. Thankfully it is the New Year and no matter what shape or condition you are in you can kick those bad habits, whether it is eating fast food, eating sugar or consuming alcohol.

My goals for 2012 are:

1) To weigh 95kg/210lbs at 8% body fat.
2) To become as strong as possible, especially my legs.
3) To get my blog up and running properly and to create a network of people that want to become fitter and healthier and help motivate each other.

So set yourself some new goals that you would want to achieve for 2012 and get started. Here are a few tips I can give to you to help you on your journey.

1) Commitment - choose a training and diet program and stick to it (if you need one comment or e-mail and I will be happy to send one that's custom to the goals that you want)

2) Dedication - If you want to be the best, you have to put the best into everything you do, whether it is your diet, training or any other parts of your life.

3) Motivation - you NEED to stay motivated. You can't do the best you are if your not "feeling it", so find what motivates you (posters, listening to music, training partner) just don't give up, and if you need motivation feel free to ask, I am here to help.

I hope that you are prepared to change your ways and start this year fresh and ready.

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