Tuesday, 3 January 2012

4/1/2012 Delicious Rump Steak

This post ill explain how to make this delicious rump steak that not only tastes good, but is very healthy and will promote muscle growth.

You will need:

2x 200gram render rump steaks
  -sprinkle: garlic flakes, salt, onion spice, parsley,  bell pepper spice and black pepper.
  -pour some Olive oil over it and rub the spices in deep with your fingers.
  -Heat up grill/George Foreman to med/hi and let it heat up completely.
  -Put the steaks on for 2min on one side and 2 min on other side(med/rare) and 5min(medium)

  -lettuce, 8 small tomatoes, celery, 4 black olives, 1/2 avocado, cucumber, yellow bell pepper.

Nutritional Information:
Protein: 50-60g depending on the steaks you buy.
Carbs: 20-30g depending on how big your salad is.
Fat: 17g

This meal is good to have any time of the day, its really quick and easy to make. It has loads of protein in which will help you meet your daily protein requirements, it has carbs from vegetables which are high in fibre which will give you sustained energy and help digest all the meat and keep your digestive system healthy, and the fats are all from the avocado and olive oil, which are good fats which are needed for hormone production and energy.

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