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11/1/2012 Female training and Diet

I have gotten many messages and questions from girls/women wanting to; lose weight, tone and tighten their bodies. So this post will be for those women wanting to achieve their goals.

 First of all before I begin I want to get a few misconceptions out of the way.

1) You will NOT get big/"buff", most women don't want to gym/lift weights because they are scared of getting big. You DO NOT have to worry about this, your are female therefore you produce very tiny amounts of testosterone(male hormone) therefore you will not build muscle. If you need more reassurance, think of all the guys you know that lift weights everyday but struggle to get big, so trust me you wont bet big/"buff" by accident.

2) The term "toning" actually doesn't exist, when most girls come to me for advice they always use the term "toning", what you think "toning" is, is just lean muscle with a low body fat percentage. Doing 30+ reps isn't going to get you that tight 'toned' body, you can only achieve that by lifting weights.

3) Starving yourself isn't going to help you lose weight, as a matter of fact it is going to do the exact opposite, by not eating a proper balanced diet you body will slow your metabolism down and hold onto as much fat as possible, and as soon as you binge with fast food, fizzy drinks or chocolate your body is going to hold onto that energy instead of just disposing of it.

So now that we have got all that out of the way we can start.

TRAINING: If you want to get a nice tight body you are going to have to lift weighs, there is no way around it, doing endless cardio is just going to burn all your fat and muscle and leave you will a slim BUT soft/squishy body.  Ill say it again YOU WILL NOT GET BIG!

Your workout needs to contain a split day of different body parts, you cannot train all your body parts everyday, your muscles will not get enough recovery time, and that will result in muscle breakdown.

Here is a sample of what you need to be doing.

Monday: Upper body weight training + mild cardio for 15-20min.(running, stepping)

Tuesday: Lower body weight training + mild cardio for 15min.(running, stepping)

Wednesday: Rest.

Thursday: Upper body weight training + mild cardio for 15-20min.(running, stepping)

Friday: Lower body weight training.

Saturday: Cardio for 60min. (running, stepping, swimming)

Sunday: Rest.

If you would like me to create you a training program for you leave me a comment or e-mail me at with your goals and I will get back to you as soon as possible.

DIET: Diet is probably the MOST important factor when it comes to losing weight and getting a fit, healthy body. Like I said previously, you NEED to eat, and frequently to boost your metabolism and help your body recover from the exercising. You need to be having a healthy balanced diet that contains PROTEIN, CARBOHYDRATES and FATS. Stay away from sugars, fizzy drinks, fruit juices, chips and processed food.

Protein is going to help your muscles recover, and will boost your metabolism. Your protein sources should be skinless chicken, lean fish, eggs, fat free cheese, whey protein shakes, soy beans and some red meats occasionally.

Carbohydrates are your main energy source, without them you will not be able to perform and give your best in the gym and will affect your day to day concentration and energy levels. Your carbohydrates should come from whole grains such as sweet potato, low GI seed bread, green vegetables, whole wheat pasta. Avoid simple carbohydrates such as white bread, white pasta, and anything refined, as they contain lots of sugar and wont be used as effectively as whole grains.

Fats are also an energy source and help with hormone production, your fats should come from nuts, legumes, avocados, flax seed, and fatty fish. You MUST avoid animal fats such as red meat fat, chicken skin, pork fat and lamb.

A sample diet should contain:

Breakfast: small helping of whole wheat carbohydrates + small serving of protein + serving of fruit.

Pre-workout: This is  +- and hour before you gym, you need to consume the majority of your days carbohydrates during this meal as it will be your energy source, it is also good to get some fats and protein in.

Post-workout: This is after you gym, the majority of your days protein needs to be consumed during this meal, as your muscles are in a recovery state and need the protein for optimum recovers, you also need to consume a moderate amount of  carbohydrates in this meal. Plus a serving of fruit.

Supper: At night you want to limit your carbohydrates as you will be sleeping and wont be using the energy, so keep it about the size of your palm, you need to consume a moderate amount of protein during this meal as your body recovers while you sleep, but needs protein to recover so it is a good idea to eat some protein before you sleep.

Snack: If you get hungry during the day or get cravings its a good idea to carry around some almonds or biltong and whole wheat crackers with some peanut butter on or some low fat cheese. This will help boost your metabolism and keep your body in an ultimate recovery state.

If you would like a custom diet program comment or e-mail me and I will be happy to help.

If you follow these guidelines you will be on your way to achieving a better and healthier body.
Feel free to ask any questions you have. 


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  1. This has really helped me! Before I thought that I should not eat as much to loose weight and get rid of the excess fat. Since starting to read your blog I have lost 3kg, by eating properly and going to the gym regularly. I am also so much happier and not as stressed anymore! Thanks!