Tuesday, 31 January 2012

Importance of Deadlift

Most beginners and even advanced lifters avoid and/or neglect doing the dead lift. Mostly because lifters say it is "boring", "uncomfortable" or "doesn't work anything".
Like all the compound movements it is an extremely important and even critical exercise.

BENEFITS: The dead lift is an exercise that can train almost your entire body, helps prevent injury and will help with all your other compound movements. Your lower back is an extremely important and vulnerable muscle as it will help with keeping your back straight during lifts that can prevent injury and helps with your posture. But a weak lower back can result in permanent damage. Dead lift targets your lower back, lats, traps, hamstrings, forearms, biceps and core. If you want to get bigger, thicker and stronger then dead lift is a must!

Performing the dead lift: So now you have heard all the benefits of the dead lift and how it can help you in many ways, but how do you properly perform it without injury.
  • Legs must be shoulder width apart.
  • Go into the squat position and hold the bar shoulder width apart.
  • On the first movement use your legs to bring the bar up then straighten your back
  • Your abs should be tight throughout the entire movement
  • Do not use momentum to bring the bar up as this can cause injury, use controlled movement.
  • Slowly bend your back and legs to lower to the floor and repeat

Alex Muller will not be held responsible for an injury caused by incorrectly performing the following exercises.

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